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Having your switchboard upgraded is an investment and you should choose an electrician that takes care and pride in their work.  We have been upgrading switchboards in Brisbanes older and not so old suburbs for over 16 years and have custom solutions to suit your needs.

Before and after images of switchboard upgrades done in a Brisbane home.
Case Study of a Switchboard upgrade job in Brisbane


Case study of Switch Board Upgrade Job

We were called to this job on an early cold winter morning after Enegex had given the switchboard a defect notice and disconnected power.  We were able to look at photos the customer sent us prior to going out and give them great solutions and pricing to get their job done on the same day.  We even organised Energex to come back on the same day to reinstate their power.  The client ended up with a new meter box compliant with Australian Standards, individual Hager safety switch circuit breakers for all circuits.  This solution provides a safer installation with room for additional circuits if required, it’s even ready to go if they ever want to install a solar system.

  • Step 1: Disconnect existing switchboard and metering
  • Step 2: Cut existing block wall with wet saw to suit new meter box
  • Step 3: Install new meter box and re install metering
  • Step 4: Extend circuit cabling and install Hager individual safety switch circuit breakers on all circuits
  • Step 5: Fit custom made flashing around switchboard
  • Step 6: Complete all relevant testing to Australian Standards
  • Step 7: Happy client

Switchboard Upgrades Brisbane FAQ

What is a switchboard used for?

Switchboards supply electricity downstream in the electrical system. There are two types of switchboards: those that deliver power directly to large loads and those that provide power to panelboards, which further divide it to feed smaller loads.

What are switchboard upgrades?

When your current switchboard is improved to accommodate greater electrical current or a greater electrical demand, this is referred to as a switchboard upgrade.

When should you upgrade a switchboard?

A switchboard should be changed if it is more than 25 years old. You may easily determine the age of your current switchboard by looking for the installation date on the main switchboard panel if you’re unsure of its age. If there isn’t a date listed, your switchboard is outdated and needs to be replaced. Warning signs that your switchboard needs an upgrade also include electric shock and lightning. If you experience an electric shock after inserting a plug into a power outlet, your switchboard probably needs to be replaced; if your lights flicker a lot, then the bulb is either loose, or the wiring in your switchboard is damaged.

How long does it take to upgrade a switchboard?

Depending on the switchboard’s age and whether any pressing issues need to be resolved, a switchboard upgrade may take up to eight hours or longer. 

What is the difference between a panelboard and a switchboard?

Panelboards can only accept an incoming current of up to 1200 A and are often flush-mounted or mounted on a surface. Like panelboards, switchboards require only front access. Switchboards can, however, provide access from the front and the back if needed and are freestanding units.

Is a switchboard the same as a meter box?

The switchboard, main switch, fuse box, and safety switches are all enclosed in the large box by the front door of your house, also known as the meter box.

How much is a switchboard upgrade in Brisbane?

On average, upgrading an electrical switchboard will cost between $800 and $1500.

What are the three sections of a switchboard?

The three major components of a switchboard include the earthing switch, load-break switch and circuit breaker.

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