Company Information Regarding Covid-19 

Firstly, we want to re-assure you that we are open for business until such time as we are instructed by authorities to close.  Our Emergency After Hours Service is also fully operational, ensuring our clients that we will be there to assist you, in times of need.  We wish to thank our staff, clients and local community for their support and understanding during this time.

With the new threat of Covid-19, it has never been more important to choose a good quality electrician.  You want an electrical contractor that is reliable, trust worthy and honest.  You want to know that they have the safety of both you, your family and their staff as a priority.  As this new threat has hit Australia we have been quick to act.  We have monitored Covid-19 Guidelines closely and trained our staff in policies and procedures focused on not contracting nor spreading the Covid-19 virus we have now issued each vehicle with: 

  • Hand Sanitiser – to be used before and after every job and as required during the job
  • Gloves – for use as required
  • Commercial grade cleaner/disinfectant – to be used to clean surfaces once work is complete
  • The team has had the current 2020 Flu shot

 All staff are required to report to us immediately any possible contact with a Covid-19 case or symptoms that could be consistent with this virus and we will put measures in place to ensure they are not work.  We have checked with staff and asked them to report immediately any contact with anyone who may have contracted Covid-19 or has symptoms of Covid-19.  We have asked that they demonstrate social distancing and good hand washing practices at all times during and outside of work.

 We ask each client three questions to determine if they are at high risk of having Covid-19:

  1. Are you in self isolation or quarantine?
  2. Have you got any symptoms of Covid-19?
  3. Have you been in contact with anyone who has or shows symptoms of Covid-19?

We will work with clients and occupants to ensure that everyone’s safety is a priority!


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