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Every time when we hear that some major hazard on the property occurred, it turns out that the reason was some inadequate appliance. No matter how useful all home devices are to all of us, they can be our greatest enemy if we don’t preserve them. 


Damage can be enormous, even life-threatening. Somehow, due to hectic schedules and too many obligations, it can happen to anyone to forget maintenance of home appliances, which results in disaster.


If something similar takes place in your home, stay calm and reach out to us. Our licensed experts will arrive swiftly at your property, and after they inspect the area and discover the breakdown, they will fix the bug quickly. Regardless if it is late at night or early in the morning, our technicians are always ready and up to the task. 


Faulty Wiring Repair


Incorrect wiring can be extremely dangerous and is often the cause of electrical fires. Unfortunately, because of faulty wiring, many people get injured or even killed, so it is essential to have it adequately set up. Faulty wiring can be caused by two factors: incompetent installation or electrical wiring deterioration over the years. 


If you notice the safety switch is tripping, there is a big chance that faulty wiring is the reason. It is crucial to be aware that you need a professional electrician promptly. Our team of professionals will inspect the area and find the cause of the glitch easily. The next step is restoration which they handle with ease, so you’ll stay safe. 


Don’t hesitate to give us a call no matter how late at night it is, because your safety is our priority, and when it comes to defects like this, there’s no time to wait.


Defective Safety Switch


Despite the fact safety switches are designed to protect you, sometimes they can fail as well. You will know that your safety switch is not working properly if it trips all the time. Therefore, you should highly pay attention to maintenance that includes a regular checkup of these devices. That way you will be safe and carefree. 


In case that you miss doing so, there are big chances that they will not be in good working order, which will reflect on your safety.


So, if you didn’t manage to take care of your safety switches in time, and now they are causing you troubles, don’t despair – we are at your service. Our certified electricians will come to your property as soon as you contact them, even if it’s after-hours. They always have the supreme equipment that is mandatory in emergencies, and they can resolve the bug quickly. 


Before they leave the site, they will make sure that the device is working correctly, so it won’t cause you concerns anymore.


Experienced Professionals for Emergencies in Pinjarra Hills


We have been operating for over 12 years in this industry and we have a combined knowledge base and expertise of more than 30 years. That is a big number, you will agree. For this reason, we accept nothing less than perfect in every endeavour we conduct. 


Our professionals are eager to provide our clients with a service that is completely tailored to their needs. Our team contains first-rate electricians that are known for their detailed approach and proficiency. After every project, our crew ensures that your site is clean and safe in the first place. 


If you live in the Pinjarra Hills area, have in mind that we are your neighbors that you can count on in case of emergency. You can give us a call at any time and we’ll be happy to help you.




As your leading home, commercial and industrial electricians in Brisbane, we have provided electrical services to some of the leading brands in Brisbane.


As electrician in Brisbane, we believe that as it is important for us as Brisbane electricians to give back to our local community that helps support us. We currently sponsor several local sports clubs and fund raising clubs. We believe that these community groups are the backbone to community spirit. The sports clubs we sponsor provide great facilities and training for the young kids and also help generate community spirit with their social functions.

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