Trader double power point with Power Mesh Technology

Power Point Installation

The Humble Power Point:

Back in the old days you could only get a basic white single power point, but times have changed.  Power points today can have different finishes from the standard classic Clipsal C2000 range in white to premium finishes like the new Clipsal Iconic Range which have interchangeable face plates.  Many manufacturers are also now bringing out smart power points with either bluetooth or wifi connectivity.  The new smart power points can allow you to set simple timers to get lamps to go on or off or they can have a time delay off to turn off power to a iron after 30mins.  You can also control these power points from apps on your smart phone giving you total control and piece of mind.

Power point installation:

Installing a power point can be tricky and the AS3000 wiring rules sets out specific requirements for where they can be located and what type to use.  You can rest assured that our trained technicians can get power to where you want it.  There are a few different installation methods when it comes to power points:

  1. Back to back installation: This is when there is an existing power point on the other side of the wall and the new power point is simply cut in and wired into the existing power source.
  2. Full installation: Generally this means getting into the roof and drilling down wall cavities to get cables to where you need.  This type of installation takes skill to get cables through noggins in the walls.
  3. Weather proof installation: If the power point is going outside or in an area that is likely to get wet it is important to ensure that it has the correct IP rating for that location.
  4. Surface mounted installation: Sometimes there is a requirement to run conduits to power points where it is impossible to get cabling to, power points are then mounted on mounting blocks.
Clipsal Iconic Power Points:

Clipsal is the best known brand when it comes to power points and light switches and they are again leading the industry with their new Iconic range of power points.  They have made an interchangable face plate that allows the consumer to easily change the look of the power point from the classic white to more modern colour match finishes.  They have recently released their new smart power point which allows the user to connect to the power point user their smart phone and control it remotely or set timers.  You can also assign a light switch to turn on the power point without altering the cabling in the installation.

Trader Power Points:

Trader has come into the market with a great range of power points and light switches also with weather proof ranges.  Trader have brought out their double power point with USB charging, this outlet comes with dual USB chargers and the verticle design of the outlets means then damage is less likely to the charger.  Trader have also brough out a new range called Power Mesh which is a smart system allowing the user to control their power points and light switches from their smart phone.  They also have the smart hub allowing access to the smart devices via the internet from anywhere in the world.

USB charging power points:

With so many devices requiring charging from the smart phone, toys and smart watches having a power point with built in USB charges is a must.  These can easily be retro fitting by simply replacing the existing power point.  They offer a convenient and tidy way of having USB charging at your finger tips and are well suited to the bedroom or kitchen/family areas.

Weather proof power points:

When istalling power points outside or in pool areas it is important to make sure the correctly rated power point is installed.  Weather proof power points come in ratings from IP54 to IP56, our expert electricians will be able to assist you with choosing the correctly rated outlet for your installation.

Trader premium double power point with dual USB Charger


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