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A locally owned and operated Electrical Contractor, Just-in Time Electrical is accredited by the Master Electricians program and strive to provide the best quality electrical service in Brisbane.

Led technology:

Led lighting has definitely taken over the market everything from down lights to large led flood lights for lighting car park and warehouses. Led technology uses the old diode commonly found in electronics, you will have seen them as the indicator lamp on your stereo or television. These days they can run higher currents through them which produces usable light. The reason led light is more efficient than the old halogen lamp is that most of the energy put into the diode produces light and only a small amount produces heat.

Led down lights:

Led down lights are the most common fitting our customers use in Brisbane they can reduce the lighting portion of an electricity bill by 75%, this is great as we all know that electricity prices in Brisbane keep rising and that is not going to stop. Another advantage of replacing your old halogen down lights with led is the reduction of heat. The old halogen down lights used to get up to 300degrees on the back of the lamp and if installed incorrectly could result in fire. The new led down lights operate at much lower temperatures and some are rated to be covered and abutted to insulation, this also reduces the heating and cooling losses caused by large gaps in the insulation. The change over is relatively easy and Just-In Time electrical are experts in replacing your old down lights with led technology quickly and afford ably. As the market has adopted the new led down lights pricing has reduced and so has installation.

Safety Switch:

Why does Just-In Time Electrical recommend safety switch circuit breakers / RCBO’s? We have been in the electrical industry for years and have seen many switchboards and been out to many fault jobs. We can say hand on heart that safety switch circuit breakers offer a better level of discrimination under a fault situation as only the circuit it is protecting is affected. This reduces the affect and also aids in location of the fault by the homeowner/electrician. Although by the rule book you can use a standard safety switch to protect multiple circuits it means under fault conditions you will loose power to all three circuits protected. Get the protection you need and contact Just-In Time Electrical today.

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Clean, professional and on time! Your local electrician – led lighting, safety switch, power points, tv & phone points, hot water.


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Brisbane Electrician that offers professional, prompt service that will exceed your expectations


Not sure where to start? We can help – Just-In Time Electrical will tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Repairs & Maintenance

Local knoweledge and experienced tradesman that can offer real solutions.


We install quality air conditioning systems all over Brisbane.We use Mistubishi Heavy Industry Air Conditioners but can install any brand.



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