Australia is a land known for its diverse climate, wild weather and unpredictable natural events. In Brisbane, Queensland‘s lively capital, navigating the hidden costs of severe climate changes or natural events is a challenge for many locals. Among these, power surges stand as a potent problem faced by homeowners. This invaluable guide provides you with vital information about surge protection in Brisbane.

Understanding Power Surges

A power surge, or voltage spike, is a sudden increase in voltage that significantly exceeds the standard levels. While they last for only a few microseconds, they can have a devastating ripple effect on the electronic appliances in your home.

Power surges have various roots, ranging from lightning strikes and power outages to high-power electrical devices. In sub-tropical Brisbane, where summer storms are frequent, the risk of power surges due to lightning is considerably higher. A single lightning-induced power surge can cost you thousands of dollars in damaged appliances.

The Necessity of Surge Protection

As Brisbane continues to experience an exponential rise in electronic device usage, the need for proper surge protection is becoming increasingly important. Surge protectors, or surge diverters, are devices designed to protect electrical gadgets from voltage spikes. They work by limiting the voltage supplied to an appliance via blocking or grounding voltages above a threshold.

Without surge protection, your valuable electronic devices are left vulnerable to the whims of Brisbane’s unpredictable weather. Whether it’s your television, refrigerator, air conditioning unit, computers or home entertainment systems, all are at risk.

Choosing Surge Protection in Brisbane

Installing a whole-house surge protector offers a comprehensive solution. This device is mounted on your main switchboard and caters to all the appliances in your home, offering a frontline defence against voltage spikes. 

Remember, it’s essential to hire a licensed electrician to install this device. Do-it-yourself installations can pose unnecessary risks to your safety and that of your home’s electrical system – and are illegal.

You can also opt for plug-in surge protectors. These gadgets, which resemble powerboards, offer protection to a group of appliances plugged into them. Though less comprehensive than whole-house protectors, they’re useful for safeguarding specific groups of equipment, such as computer systems or home entertainment setups.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Understanding power surges and investing in high-quality surge protection is essential for every Brisbane homeowner. However, don’t overlook the basics. Regular maintenance of your home’s electrical system is paramount for its efficient operation. Hiring a local licensed electrician to inspect your setup regularly will go a long way towards preventing any unwelcome electrical surprises.


With Brisbane’s wild summer storms a threat, it’s high time to shield your home from any potential electrical damage. At Just-In Time Electrical, we can aid with surge protection measures to ensure the longevity of your property’s electrical fittings. Contact us today to get started.


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