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When was the last time you heard your smoke alarm?

The humble smoke alarm is rarely thought about, but it plays a critical role in protecting your home and/or workplace. Ensuring they are operational and legally compliant is essential – and is especially important now, given recent changes to Queensland law relating to smoke alarms.

The legal changes

There have been a number of changes when it comes to installation of smoke alarm systems in Springfield Lakes in recent years. There are more changes to come, too

The biggest change was in 2017, when the law was altered to require all private dwellings to replace ionisation smoke alarms more than ten years old with newer photoelectric alarms. In addition, by 2027 all dwellings must have installed an interconnected photoelectric alarm system. This must feature alarms on each storey, in each bedroom and in each hallway or egress path connecting bedrooms to the rest of the property.

While interconnected photoelectric systems offer superior protection to ionisation alarms (and virtually eliminate false alarms), it’s important for the alarms to be carefully positioned to fulfil the legal requirements and offer maximum protection to your property and its occupants.

It’s never been more important to ensure your smoke alarm system is both future-proofed and is effectively protecting your property and its occupants.

How do I check if my alarms are compliant?

Checking your smoke alarms for compliance is simple.

  • Check the date of the smoke alarm: The smoke alarm should have either a manufactured date or an expiry date. This will either be located on the back of the alarm or on the side of the alarm. Smoke alarms have a life span of ten years. If your smoke alarm is over ten years old or does not have any date on it at all, you will have to get the alarm replaced immediately.
  • Check the type of smoke alarm: On the back of the alarm, it will state that the smoke alarm is either photoelectric or ionisation. Legislation states that all smoke alarms must be photoelectric by 2027.

If you’re unsure how to check your system, or have any concerns, Just-In Time Electrical is here to help.
We’re Springfield Lakes’ local smoke alarm specialists: we can assess, test, upgrade and install legally compliant photoelectric alarm systems to ensure your smoke alarm system is up to scratch ahead of the 2027 deadline.

With over nine years of electrical experience in Ashgrove, and over 30 years of combined experience as a team, we know what it takes to keep your household safe.

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