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Smoke Alarm Installation Specialists In Springfield

Smoke alarms are an essential early warning device in the event of fire – regardless of whether you’re protecting your Springfield home, an investment property or a workplace. However, we often come across badly positioned, non-functional or just plain illegal smoke alarms – so when was the last time you checked yours?

Your smoke alarm might be breaking the law

There have been big changes in the world of smoke alarms in Queensland in the last few years. Due to the high number of deaths from fire in situations where smoke alarms were absent or not working, the law changed in 2017 to require the following for all dwellings.

  • Existing smoke alarms manufactured more than 10 years ago must be replaced with photoelectric smoke alarms
  • Smoke alarms that do not operate when tested must be replaced immediately.
  • Existing hardwired smoke alarms that need replacement must be replaced with a hardwired photoelectric smoke alarm.

When was the last time a professional checked your smoke alarm’s age or functionality? If it’s been a few years, chances are your smoke alarm could be illegal.

More legal changes are coming

From 1 January 2027, the law will change further. All existing private homes, townhouses and units will need to have photoelectric interconnected smoke alarms installed on each storey, in each bedroom, and in each hallway or egress path linking bedrooms to the other parts of a house.

It’s never been more important to check and ensure your smoke alarm system is both future-proofed and is effectively protecting your property and its occupants.

Let’s bring your smoke alarms up to standard

Just-In Time Electrical are Springfield’s local experts in smoke alarm installation and maintenance. We’ll come to your property – be it home, workplace, investment property or apartment block – and carry out a full assessment and test of your smoke alarm system. We’ll provide recommendations for next steps to ensure your property is adequately protected and legally compliant now and in the future – whether that’s a completely new installation, upgrades or just advice on how to test your alarms.

With more than 40 years of combined experience as a team, Just-In Time Electrical is the perfect partner to protect your Springfield home. We understand both the legal requirements and the practicalities of keeping your household safe – and we solve issues fast.

Protect your Springfield home today

To ensure your smoke alarm system is safe as houses, call Just-In Time Electrical on 0488 825 123 or send us a message and we’ll book in an assessment.




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