Looking For An Electrician for Smoke Alarm Installations In Paddington?

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When was the last time you tested your smoke alarm?

We often forget our smoke alarms exist – except when we accidentally set them off when we burn dinner – but we rely on these devices to save our lives and belongings in the event of a fire.

But when was the last time you had the smoke alarms in your Paddington home professionally checked? And is your smoke alarm compliant with the latest legislation?

What are the legal changes?

The world of smoke alarms in Paddington changed dramatically in 2017, and is still changing. Due to multiple deaths because of non-functional smoke alarms – or no smoke alarms at all – the law was changed. Essentially, it was found that ionisation style smoke alarms – which detect smoke particles – were being removed or disconnected due to nuisance alarms, and that people were sleeping through alarms during the night. This prompted a phased change to photoelectric alarms, interconnected systems and the placement of smoke alarms in bedrooms.

So, from 1 January 2017, all smoke alarms more than ten years old have had to be replaced with photoelectric alarms. In addition, by 2027, interconnected photoelectric alarms must be installed in every bedroom, hallways linking bedrooms, egress path and on each level of your house.

Future-proof your smoke alarms today

Just-In Time Electrical are Paddington’s smoke alarm installation specialists. We are well-versed in the Queensland regulatory requirements: we can install photoelectric and interconnected systems in the most effective positions, quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Our collective 30 years of electrical experience and expertise means we know what it takes to keep your household safe, and can also tackle any other electrical services tasks that may emerge.

We also test and troubleshoot existing smoke alarm systems for owner-occupiers, landlords, tenants and strata corporations. Given the legislative changes, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance to ensure your smoke alarms are both effective and legal, now and in the future.

Get in touch to protect your Paddington home or workplace

Make just one call to 0488 825 123 or message us, and we’ll make sure your property and family has the best protection possible against fire today. Demand for smoke alarm upgrades will soar as 2027 approaches – get ahead of the curve now!

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