Looking For An Electrician for Smoke Alarm Installations In Ashgrove?

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When was the last time you tested your smoke alarm?

We rarely think about our smoke alarms – except when we accidentally set them off when we burn the toast – but we rely on these little devices to save our lives and belongings in the event of a fire.

But when was the last time you had your smoke alarm in your Ashgrove home professionally checked? Indeed, is your smoke alarm up to scratch with the latest legislation?

What are the legal changes?

Are you interested in starting the process towards a safer home with smoke alarm installation? Check out our services at Just-In Time Electrical for professional and efficient smoke alarm installations in Ashgrove. Call us today for more information, general inquiries and quotes.

What’s a photoelectric smoke detector?

Photoelectric smoke alarms not only provide better protection, they also don’t go off by mistake (as long as they’re properly installed) and can be mains powered – so no more nuisance alarms or forgetting to change the battery.

Photoelectric smoke alarms work by detecting visible particles inside a chamber. The use light which reflects off the particles to trigger the alarm. Photoelectric smoke alarms react faster to smouldering fires which are slower burning and produce a lot of smoke. Due to the furniture and fixtures in a home the most common fire is a smouldering fire. Photoelectric smoke alarms are less likely to react to false alarms caused from cooking fumes or steam.

Make sure your family are safe from fire

Just-In Time Electrical are Ashgrove’s local specialists in smoke alarm installation and maintenance. We are well-versed in the Queensland regulatory requirements and can ensure your smoke alarm system is up to scratch ahead of the 2027 deadline.

Our experience and expertise also means we can install photoelectric and interconnected systems in the most effective positions, quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily life. With over 15 years of electrical experience in Ashgrove, and over 40 years of combined experience as a team, we know what it takes to keep your household safe.

As well as installation, we also test and troubleshoot your existing smoke alarm systems, whether you’re an owner-occupier, a landlord, a tenant or a strata corporation. It’s recommended that smoke alarms are tested every 12 months. While you can test them yourself, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance to ensure your smoke alarms comply with the changes in the law.

Get in touch to protect your Ashgrove home

Just make one call to Just-In Time Electrical on 0488 825 123 or send us a message, and we’ll make sure your property and family has the best protection possible against fire today.

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