Led Pool Light Installation, Replacement and Repairs


Spa Electrics Led Pool Lights:


Spa Electrics Recessed Led Pool Light

Pool lights in the past have just been a hassle, lamps blowing and leaking fittings cause also sorts of headaches.  The cost of repairs have now become more expensive that replacing the fittings with new led technology.  Pool lights if installed correctly provide the perfect atmosphere.  There are many options today for colours and installation types.  We have chosen the leading pool light manufacturer Spa Electrics.  We have been installing their pool lights around the Western Suburbs of Brisbane since 2011 and can definitely say you can’t beat their quality of light or construction.  We can supply Spa Electrics pool lights that are single colour, tri colour or the full multi colour option.  They also have remote control options for just turning on the pool light and also controlling the colour output of the light.

Replacement and Repairs:

Pool light repairs have become a thing of the past, old fittings use halogen lamps which were not efficient and used at 100W of power per fitting.  They were also very susceptible to leaking as they got extremely hot and then cooled down which created a siphon effect and as seals got old water would get inside the fitting.  The spa electrics fitting comes totally sealed except for the termination zone which once terminated is sealed with a gasket and then lanolin.  These fittings will never leak and with the led technology a basically maintenance free leaving you to enjoy your pool day and night.

Who can replace pool lights:

Replacing or maintaining pool lights might look safe and easy but because they are associated with a body of water that can have people in it there are strict rules that apply from the AS3000 (wiring rules).  When we diagnose pool light issues we will test voltage at the fitting, check for damage and also perform an insulation resistance test to ensure that there is no leakage of voltage from the cable or light fitting.  The Electrical legislation states that lights that are in a body of water where you can expect a person to be must be maintained, installed and replaced by a licenced electrician.

Transformers and power supplies:

Pool lights are required to be run at extra low voltage and these days most transformers for pool lights will run off 12V ac.  It is important that each pool light is run off a separate transformer or separate winding’s of a single transformer as long as they are electrically separated.  This is important as this will ensure that if there is a fault with your pool lights power will not run across the pool water to other light fittings.  We still see some old transformers that run 24 or 32Vac and strongly recommend that these be replaced.  A person is more susceptible to electric voltage when wet and even at these low voltages you can feel a tingle and even be effected by the power running through the water.  It is also important that the pool light circuit is protected by a safety switch thus ensuring when there is a fault with the power supply power will trip off before a potential electric shock.




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