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If you are considering a home renovation and need someone to take care of the electricity matters, contact our professionals, as you can never go wrong with that. 

 Electrical home renovation is usually a very complicated project that consists of numerous factors that need to be in harmony –  from electrical system design to its installation and testing. For this reason, one of the most important aspects of a home renovation is hiring a professional electrician. That way you will be much more confident and calm, knowing that the entire endeavor is under control. Consequently, safety is guaranteed and that is in everyone’s best interest. 

 No matter how challenging home improvement may seem, our experts can accomplish the entire task without a hassle and on point. We are known for outstanding and timely service, but also an economical price.


Switchboard Upgrade

Have you noticed a strange odour coming from your switchboard, or do you have a circuit breaker tripping? If the answer is yes, wait no more and arrange a switchboard upgrade now. There’s no time for waiting when it comes to the repair of this appliance that is crucial for electrical supply on your property. In case that your switchboard has some sort of bug, it may represent a great danger to you and your family. Besides that, it can result in severe damage to your property, and even cause a fire.

 Your switchboard must be up to date and with modern safety regulations and high-quality gear that enables longevity. Therefore, our team of electricians will conduct a thorough inspection to find what triggered the glitch and then propose the best solution. They will start the repair process right away, or set up a new switchboard if the current one is overworked. 

 Our certified technicians have a keen eye for detail, so they’ll leave nothing to chance. You will be carefree to know that your switchboard is operating adequately and doesn’t represent any risk for your environment.


Air Conditioning Installation

The usage of aircon devices is widely spread, and it is always a good idea to invest in this appliance because you can use it for both cooling and heating. If you want to replace your air conditioning and are looking for the most suitable one according to your space and budget, our team of experts can help you. They will estimate the area and provide you with the appropriate aircon device to meet your needs completely.

 Also, if you have any aircon malfunctions, our electricians will resolve them quickly. They will take care of any type of breakdown and make sure the air conditioning works properly before they leave. In case that you need just regular maintenance, we’re at your disposal. Keep in mind that our professional A/C inspection can be essential in avoiding defects in the future.

 Our team will take care of your aircon installation with all safety measures respected, and leave you to enjoy pleasant temperature and fresh air. 


Book a Licensed Home Renovations Electrician 

 If you are wondering where to find a trusted and efficient electrician, we have the answer. We are happy to offer you the best technicians in this business, with maximum commitment and knowledge. 

 How to get in touch with us? Simply give us a call or send us an email and we will respond to you promptly. You can expect the finest electricians in Brisbane at your doorstep shortly after, and they will help you with any type of malfunction, or installation of a new device.

 You can contact us with any questions or concerns, we will gladly inform you more about our services. We are available 24/7 even for emergencies. Our supreme Brisbane electricians never sleep.




As your leading home, commercial and industrial electricians in Brisbane, we have provided electrical services to some of the leading brands in Brisbane.


As electrician in Brisbane, we believe that as it is important for us as Brisbane electricians to give back to our local community that helps support us. We currently sponsor several local sports clubs and fund raising clubs. We believe that these community groups are the backbone to community spirit. The sports clubs we sponsor provide great facilities and training for the young kids and also help generate community spirit with their social functions.

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