1. Secure loose items: Too many times have we been called out due to objects flying through the air and taking down power lines.
  2. Trim trees: Tree’s and tree branches near power lines or houses cause extensive damage to the power and phone lines at the home. 
  3. Extension leads: Although handy extension leads have joins that are not weather proof and it can be embarrassing when you get your favourite emergency electrician out and it’s just an extension lead lying in water
  4. Power poles: Get you power poles inspected for damage and consider replacement before they come down in a storm
  5. Appliances: Ensure appliances are correctly rated for outdoor use, this is referred to as an IP rating.
  6. Power points and lights: Check power points and light fittings that are outside for signs of damage, cracks and age.
  7. Switchboard: Check your switchboard is rated correctly for outdoor use and that the door closes correctly.
  8. Surge protection: Ensure you have up to date and working surge protection installed in your switchboard
  9. Safety switches: Ensure you have adequate safety switch protection of all your circuits and test your safety switch for operation.
  10. Energex website: Energex provide up to date information for power outages in your area.  
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