Common hazards include:

  • Arc faults: Over time, the protective sheathing around cabling can be worn away, whether by natural causes or pests, causing an arc that can start a fire. If you notice an electrical cable making a popping, hissing or buzzing sound, there may be an arc fault in your system requiring professional attention.
  • Earth faults: whenever metal appliances in the home cause electric shocks, earth faults are usually to blame. These faults often result from insulation breakdown, allowing for contact between an energised conductor and the metal frame of your appliance. Having safety switches installed can protect against these faults.

Power outlets are a common source of electrical trouble, whether it’s due to overloading or lack of protection devices. Electrocution protection devices are your first line of defence against electric shocks, while overloaded power outlets or boards significantly increase the likelihood of short circuits and fires.

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