Electrical Safety Inspection

Get Your Electrical Installation Checked Before It’s Too Late!

Just $175+gst

Getting your electrical installation checked can save thousands of dollars in emergency repairs.  We have tailored a package to help keep you and your family safe!  So what’s included:


  • Check of switchboard for suitability and condition
  • Check operation times for safety switches
  • Check main switch size and rating
  • Check circuit breaker sizes and protection
  • Check for correct surge protection


  • Check external lights and power points for damage
  • Check power line point of attachment for compliance

Smoke alarms:

  • Check smoke alarms for compliance with new legislation
  • Check type of smoke alarm
  • Change batteries in up to 3 smoke alarms

Property poles:

  • Check condition of property poles
  • Check overhead lines for damage and overhanging trees


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