Pond Light Case Study:

We were contacted by a body corporate for a unit complex in Toowong who have a great looking communal area with pool and ponds located throughout.  They were looking to redo the ponds with new tiling and waterproofing and wanted to replace the lighting.  Before quoting on simply replacing the existing lights we recommended verifying the existing cabling and installation.  During this testing we found that the existing cabling was not correctly rated for the chemicals in the ponds and hence the insulation had begun to fail.  Put simply if we did just replace the lights, they would have failed in no time due to the cabling.  We then discussed an alternative solution in which we supplied and install the Spa Electric’s Led Atom pond lights.  These are the same lights that we use in pool lighting except they come on a bracket so they can be placed anywhere in the pond.  We were able to get new power for the pond lights from the local community lighting circuit and installed new weatherproof power points and transformers.  We installed conduits through the pond walls prior to the water proofing of the ponds so we could discreetly install the cabling.  The new Spa Electrics Atom lights will provide great light to the ponds and surrounding landscape.  This has been a great solution for the client and the residents are ecstatic with the end result.  It is important to note that pool and pond light installations must be discussed with your local electrical contractor as they are in water where potentially people may enter.  The AS3000 wiring rules sets out the safe installation of lighting in ponds and pools to ensure the risk of electric shock is minimal.  There is also a requirement for safety switches to be installed to protect the circuit from leakage.

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